Wednesday, 23 September 2015


It was fun writing my speech, my topic was is sugar the new evil in our diet?It was hard to find the right facts but once I had them all it was easy as long as I had the right structure.

 Yum! Frosties for breakfast, sugar,sugar, sugar and  nuttella for lunch sugar sugar sugaarrr,nek minute your lying on the floor with rotten teeth and your obese, and your obese because of the added sugar that's hidden in your food your eating day after day. I'm surprised we still eat this junk, and what it can do to you is even worse...

Were you aware that added sugar is unnecessary  that we can live without it? Well we can. Frosties is Americans 2 most favorite cereal.But why?Because of the sugar. Frosties has 41.3g per 100g, that's more than 40%.You're probably thinking surely cocoa pops are better well.. yeah,nah it has 35 grams per grams and nutella has 45g in 370g..Wholemeal bread has doubled what it had 30 years ago.That amount of sugar can cause a lot of things…

There's lots of problems caused from the amount of sugar we are eating.Some can kill you .Sugar is addictive so its not hard to get any of these.You can get type 2 diabetes, asthma, obese, rotten teeth and heart disease usually caused by fizzy drinks no, not just fizzy drinks… sugar!Sugar rots your teeth and if the rotting makes a hole through the enamel to the core of your tooth it's, going to be a long painful day for you they put wires in your tooth and fill your tooth not only is it excruciating but it costs a lot of money,you're not the only one...

New Zealand is currently the fattest nation in the world and think how big New Zealand is compared to America!21% of New Zealand kids are overweight, 10% are obese that's 31% of New Zealand kids.Now that I've told you all about sugar you probably think all sugars bad.Well, no.There is good sugar like natural We should eat more raw fruit and vegetables that contain a natural sugar called fructose.Unnecessary sugar adds to your calories.

So next time you think about putting those Delicious, crunchy,sugar filled Frosties in your trolley think again because you know now what that amount of sugar can do to you and how much it costs.So now you know that no sugar canes sweet at both ends.

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