Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Down the mud!

Down the mud!

Thump! down Ava went, slipping and sliding down the hill. Aimlessly, she stood up like nothing ever happened and carried on walking. Sluggishly, she went down again but this time it was as if someone pressed a button and made everything go in slow motion. Then she looked down the hill and saw she was only half way and forcefully pushed off the dirt and went skidding down the rest of hill. Katelyn did a similar thing and then reunited with the rest of the group.

Once we got to the flatter ground we were exhausted but found that we were still frequently falling over. Looking up you could see a glimpse of the sunlight but the trees blocked it (which was good because we were already sick of the heat).

Today I made a graph

I made a pie graph today I got given some information in the information it said what some year 8's would want for super powers.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Reflection 19/2/16

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This week I enjoyed writing my cameo story about camp, I wrote about going down the mountain.In reading we started to do skim and scan I found out that scanning is when you read something quickly to find a specific piece of information.Skimming is when you glance over something to get a general idea.In math we did Mode,mean and median and we found a little saying to help us out; to find the mean add all the numbers together then divide it by how may you've got, to find the median  put the numbers in order and find the middle, to find the mode find the most common number.At camp we learnt to work as a team and let everyone have a say here is a quote that inspires me:

Film Techniques

                                                                        Film Techniques

This week we tried out different techniques one of them was this;this is called a MTV shot.
This one is when the person/object stays still while the camera circles around it.There are lots of different shots this is only one of them.This was my first time trying out new camera techniques I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to next time.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Welcome to 2016

Hi my name is Lucy this year I'm in Room 14 with Mrs Vandy. This week we had to find a quote that inspired us and could help us through life my one was '
no time like the present' to me this means if you dont speak up or make up your mind you might miss out.