Friday, 11 March 2016

Reflection 11/3/2016

This week we did our last filming video on the disappearing act and have started computer coding. For coding we did a game, in the game you had to drag the move forward block(or turn left or right etc) into a special place and then hit run, then the character will follow that command.I am looking forward to it next week.In writing we worked with  a buddy and got given a sheet with printed paragraphs (and subtitles etc) on it, then we got given a bank piece of paper, we had to cut out the paragraphs and subtitles and rearrange them on the paper then glue them on.In maths we did tree diagrams, here is a picture of mine, this shows the options you could make in paper, scissors, rock, and the things you could win if you were the person on the left.We started designing a bridge, but first we started looking at bridge types I enjoyed doing this.Here is a quote that inspires me:

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