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John Patrick Kavanagh

John Patrick Kavanagh

John Patrick Kavanagh was Dunedin's fourth catholic bishop. He was very young when he became a bishop, in fact he was one of the youngest ones in New Zealand.

Early Years

John was born in Hawera (Taranaki) and grew up on the family farm. He was the oldest of ten children. As a child, John went to St Joseph's Primary School. From there he went to Sacred Heart Boy’s College in Auckland on a scholarship.There he displayed great studies, and started training for priesthood. He trained at Holy Cross College and on the 6th of September 1936 he was ordained at St Mary’s of Angels Church in Wellington.

On the 6th of September he 1936 sailed to Rome and there he took a postgraduate course at Roman Pontifical Seminary. From there he took special studies at Sacred Roman Rota. There he acquired a double doctor in law. In 1940 he returned to New Zealand.

That year he returned to New Zealand and was chosen assistant priest in St Peter and Paul lower hutt. Then in 1944 he was appointed by the bishops to care for 700 Polish child refugees brought to New Zealand.Soon after John started his career as a bishop.

In conclusion John Kavanagh changed many people's lives and he earned a lot of respect. Shortly after he died, Dunedin named the only Catholic College after him.

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