Friday, 26 August 2016


This was a fun week.On Monday and Tuesday we had Mrs Ngapo(the sewing teacher.)We Did some writing on show not tell we had to write about someone and describe what their
behaviour is and what they look like.On Tuesday we went to the library I am reading the crocodile nest by Des Hunt.We wrote some environmental writing I choose to write about a mandarin.We had tech arts on Thursday we melted some projects I made a spatular and a spoon I also made some keyrings.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Reflection 12/8/2016

Yesterday the senior symphonic band went to band festival at Te Awamutu intermediate we got silver and there were some good comments I thought we did very well.Today we found out that Mrs Vandy had her baby girl last night and her name is Amelia Grace Vandy!On Tuesday we had enviro day I helped some people from room 12 make bottle cap art.On Wednesday we delivered our speeches to the class I was very nervous.Today we found out who is going to the next round of speeches its Marnie, Grace and Ben!I hope they do well in the kawaka team speeches.Today is the cross country I am feeling nervous.
Here is a quote that inspires me:

Friday, 5 August 2016

Reflection 5/8/2016

This week I have been 
re-crafting and finishing off my speech I think it turned out good.We wrote a piece of writing on success and then we made graduation hats and stuck the success writing on the top of it here is a picture:
On Tuesday we did rotations I was with Mr Walker we
practiced slow motion.On Wednesday the young engineers group had a meeting with Natasha and went over some more ideas for fundraising etc.