Friday, 31 March 2017

ASB Math

On Tuesday Callum came in from get wise ASB and taught us about saving money.He estimated how much a surgeon, a mechanic and a McDonald's worker receive in a year then he estimated how much they would pay for gst and taxes we learnt that the more you earn the more gst you have to pay.I learnt a lot from this and it was very interesting.
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Reflection 31/3/2017

This week was really busy.On Monday we did math I learnt how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. On Tuesday Callum from ASB came in to talk to us about saving money, I learnt that the more income you receive the more gst and taxes you have to pay. I also learnt to Earn Spend and Save meaning you earn money, spend some of it and save meaning save the rest of the money.On Thursday we did our tech arts showcase it was really cool and I think our food and music was pretty good.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Reflection 24/3/2017

Last Week on Friday I went to lower Waipa swimming sports at the event centre, I for 1 length breaststroke I didn't get any placing but the day was really fun.On Thursday we read a poem willow and the Ginkgo after we read that we had to write a poem similar to that one, I wrote about a sunflower and a daffodil. In Tech arts we did our cafe the theme was bakery I invited my mum, the menu was pizza and mini mince savory pies, for the dessert we made lolly cake,brownie and chocolate eclairs. Overall this week has been Crazy. 

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Reflection 9/03/2017

Last Friday we had swimming sports I got 2nd in breaststroke, the day was really fun and busy. On Monday I started Peer mediator training we learnt about active listening and what you should do to show you are listening. On Wednesday Mrs Trodden came in to teach the Councillors about public speaking I think I improved a bit. This week has been really busy and I have enjoyed it.